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Bright Brussels is an event organised by visit.brussels, the Brussels Tourism Agency, on the initiative of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. It is a free light festival intended for visitors from Belgium and abroad and for Brussels residents. The sixth edition of the Festival will take place from Thursday 11 February to Sunday 14 February 2021. The installations will be visible to the public from 7.00 pm to 11.30 pm. The aim of the event is to showcase certain districts of Brussels using light, and for visitors to (re)discover places they have often forgotten or not got to know. All profiles are welcome: lighting designers, architects, designers and artists from all backgrounds. Other than the specific requirements for certain locations, generally speaking there is no particular theme. The proposal that each Candidate submits for the assessment of the Jury, consisting of the conceptualisation of a light installation that is both technically complete and achievable in accordance with the current legislation. No structural modifications of the space will be allowed. The Project involves the creation and setting up of a light installation at a site proposed by the Organiser to showcase a district or highlight a place that is often overlooked or not well known. It must propose a high-quality work with particularly well thought out details and finishing. The project must also comply with the technical dossier (Annexes 2 and 3) and include the required administrative elements (Annex 1). 
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2020/S 172-416159 
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visit.brussels-2020-... BRIGHT BRUSSELS 2021 - ENTRY REGULATIONS - ARTISTIC PROJECTS COMPETITION [en, fr, nl] F12 CN 31/08/2020 http://ted... Download PDF notice Download XML notice
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BRIGHT2021-ANNEX-3.pdf en-GB 195.535 kb 31/08/2020 1
BRIGHT2021-ANNEXE-BIJLAGE-ANNEX-2.pdf en-GB 5500.713 kb 31/08/2020 1
BRIGHT2021-ANNEX-1.pdf en-GB 200.191 kb 31/08/2020 1
BRIGHT2021-BIJLAGE-3.pdf nl-NL 191.914 kb 31/08/2020 1
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BRIGHT2021-REGLEMENT.pdf fr-FR 644.045 kb 31/08/2020 1
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