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Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij 
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OVAM-DOS 8576-F02 
Begeleidingsopdracht Programmawerking Circulaire Stad 
Het voorwerp van deze opdracht is het begeleiden en ondersteunen van de Programmawerking Circulaire stad. 
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Simplified negotiated procedure with publicity 
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Reference Number Title LG Type Purpose Dispatch date Link to TED
OVAM-DOS 8576-F02_0 Begeleidingsopdracht Programmawerking Circulaire Stad [nl] F2 CN 15/09/2021 Download PDF notice Download XML notice
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Doc name LG Type/Size Created On Version
8576-Bestek.pdf nl-NL 464.338 kb 15/09/2021 1
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Doc name LG Type/Size Created On Version
8576-Offerteformulier.docx nl-NL 2847.648 kb 15/09/2021 1
8576-Offerteformulier.pdf nl-NL 118.24 kb 15/09/2021 1
8576-Inventaris-Programmawerking Circ Stad.pdf nl-NL 31.901 kb 15/09/2021 1
8576-Inventaris-Programmawerking Circ Stad.xlsx nl-NL 113.611 kb 15/09/2021 1
8576-Bijlage-Verbintenis_terbeschikkings... nl-NL 17.98 kb 15/09/2021 1
8576-Bijlage-Verbintenis_terbeschikkings... nl-NL 50.481 kb 15/09/2021 1
Bijlage_clausules_persoonsgegevens.pdf nl-NL 81.743 kb 15/09/2021 1
How to introduce an electronic tender 15/09/2021 1
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