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Fabrique d'Eglise Paroisse Sainte Gertrude 
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Fabrique d'Eglise Paroisse Sainte Gertrude Etterbeek-200-F02 
Assignment by the project applicant for the construction of a new church  
The project consists of the construction of a Catholic church on the site of the previous Saint Gertrude church, which was demolished in 1993 due to stability problems. The project will be a place of worship, encounter and culture. The parishioners expect the new place of worship to be of a more modest size than the previous one, with powerfully symbolic dimensions and a strong identity, all fitting into the local area, suited to the pastoral requirements of today and tomorrow, with current amenities and technologies that are sustainable and respectful of the environment. The project must highlight the heritage and historical elements preserved from the former churches that disappeared from the site in 1750, 1886 and 1993 (leaded windows, bells, statues, crosses, church treasure). As a place of encounter, the project must also meet the needs of a multicultural population seeking a spiritual and welcoming place to come to. It must also provide a time for contemplation and healing in an atmosphere of calm. With its exceptional spatial and acoustic qualities, the new building will make it possible, outside the times reserved for worship and church services, to accommodate cultural activities aimed at various audiences, such as concerts of (holy) music, as well as lectures and readings. The aim is to create a symbol of openness, a building that is accessible symbolically and physically to a number of different audiences. The church must provide a principal space to be used for worship, capable of accommodating up to a total of 230 seats of which part, corresponding to 30 seats, will be used as a day chapel which, while forming part of the total of 230 seats, can easily be partitioned off. The church will also provide an additional space, isolated from the main body of the church, capable of seating 20 people and usable as a room for meetings or catechism. Outside the times reserved for services and worship, this main space will be able to host concerts / lectures for up to 230 people (in addition to the musicians). The building must also fulfil the following functions: sacristy/services, reception/secretariat, parish news/information, contemplation (without access to the main space but with a visual link to it), surroundings and shelter (awning/courtyard). The land available, which belongs to the Principal of this contract, extends to a total area of 1582 m², is dedicated to worship and is currently used as a public space. Only a part of the land, located to the East of Place Van Meyel, is intended for the new building. Its exact footprint will be determined by the final project. At the time of the provisional handover of the works, the Fabrique will assign ownership of the remainder of the land to the Municipality. The Municipality will then be responsible for developing this part of the land into a public space, in agreement with the Principal and the vision developed as part of the final project. The character of the location and the events (symbolic and one-off) that will be held there involve a close relationship with the public space. The design of the proposed architecture for the church will be influenced by this relationship. This is why the main contractor for the project has been asked to include in its tender a vision about the public space surrounding the church from which the municipality will be able to base itself to carry out the subsequent development of this space. Aware that this project will influence the dynamic of the district, the Principal will pay particular attention to its incorporation within the urban, built and human environment. The Principal wishes to develop the project in an approach of open communication with the various active parties in the parish, the future users of the building and the square, the local residents and traders, as well as the people in charge at the municipality. The Principal also wishes to encourage reflection about a sustainable location in the sense of its adaptability, of a possible extension of the square in time (envisaged towards the west of the Square for 2070 - 2072), as well as in terms of its functionality, choice of materials and energy performance. The aim of the contract is to provide a comprehensive assignment for the parties responsible for the architecture and acoustics, as well as for the coordination of health and safety, as part of a multidisciplinary team (association and/or subcontracting). The aim of the project applicant to whom the contract will be awarded will cover: - The development of a contextual vision of the building and the public space surrounding it, as well as the special nature of the programme itself and its relationship with the urban context; - The development of an ambitious architectural project worthy of the symbolic nature of the programme; - The development of a project that is functional, symbolic and open – and that takes account of the various users. The project must express community values. - The development of an atmosphere that enables both contemplation and openness to other audiences. - The implementation of a methodology that will enable the project to be accepted by the individuals concerned. - The integration of the technical details, i.e. stability, special technology, acoustics, the constraints and opportunities in terms of sustainable development and critical thought as to the proposed budget. The total budget for the works is estimated at 1,300,000 € excl. VAT. The amount of the fees has been set at 180,000 € excl. VAT The infrastructure must be operational by Christmas 2019.  
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Competitive procedure with negotiation 
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2015/S 095-172558 
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