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Flemish Agency for Entrepreneurial Training - SYNTRA Flanders 
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Platform Duaal Leren 
Tool voor de monitoring en analyse van vraag en aanbod binnen Duaal Leren 
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Simplified negotiated procedure with publicity 
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Reference Number Title LG Type Purpose Dispatch date Link to TED
SYNTRA-SVL/2018/Plat... Platform Duaal Leren [nl] F2 CN 19/11/2018 Download PDF notice Download XML notice
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Terms of Reference Documents

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Doc name LG Type/Size Created On Version
svl_2018_pdl_01 - bestek.pdf nl-NL 2215.754 kb 19/11/2018 1
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Doc name LG Type/Size Created On Version
svl_2018_pdl_01 - offerte.docx nl-NL 20.248 kb 19/11/2018 1
svl_2018_pdl_01 - bijlage A Backlog.xlsx nl-NL 129.407 kb 19/11/2018 1
svl_2018_pdl_01 - bijlage model Verbintenis terbeschikkingstelling middelen.docx nl-NL 13.309 kb 19/11/2018 1
How to introduce an electronic tender 19/11/2018 1
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