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Régie des Bâtiments - Wallonie Région Ouest 
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RIXENSART-FEDASIL-Centre Ouvert pour Réfugiés : Nettoyage complet des locaux des futures cuisines 
Nettoyage complet des locaux des futures cuisines 
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Negotiated procedure without prior publication (with publication in the Free Market) 
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WRO-2020-202291-vich... RIXENSART-FEDASIL-Ce... [fr] F50 CN 24/11/2020 Download PDF notice Download XML notice
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wro-2020-202291vichDI03-demande_d_offres... fr-FR 38.834 kb 24/11/2020 1
wro-2020-202291vichDI03-descriptif technique.docx fr-FR 51.109 kb 24/11/2020 1
wro-2020-202291vichDI03-attestation de visite.docx fr-FR 20.459 kb 24/11/2020 1
attestation_assurance_csc_travaux_sur_fa... fr-FR 24.09 kb 24/11/2020 1
formulaire_IDENTIFICATION_FINANCIERE.doc... fr-FR 31.691 kb 24/11/2020 1
wro-2020-202291vichDI03-métré.xlsx fr-FR 13.734 kb 24/11/2020 1
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