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Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles - Procurement & Logistics Department 
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MIVB - STIB Procurement & Logistics-AL_4650PCP/RM/PVH-F05 
Muntstroom living lab 
To create effective, efficient and more sustainable places to live and work, the Brussels Capital Region wants to promote walking. Big data solutions can help with this. For instance to better understand how people are using the city. The objective of this PCP is therefore to develop and test an automated people flow monitoring system for the counting, positioning & routing and managing of people flow. To shape the pedestrian monitoring system, the general idea is to design and test a system that is designed to 1) capture, 2) communicate, 3) store, 4) process, 5) analyse and 6) provide smart access to people flow data. The expected output of the desired system consists of 1.visualisations of te People- Flow data (The solution does NOT need to include a full blown dashboard);2. People Flow-data sets (Closed, Shared and Open Data); 3. Support for routing and 4. Sync to other data platforms. 
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Negotiated procedure with prior call for competition 
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2021/S 181-472051 
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SPEC_AL-4650-TD_20210904_FR_v1.00.zip fr-FR 7328.24 kb 14/09/2021 1
SPEC_AL-4650-TD_20210904_NL_v1.00.zip nl-NL 7241.008 kb 14/09/2021 1
SPEC_AL-4650-TD_20210904_EN_v1.00.zip en-GB 7279.176 kb 14/09/2021 1
How to introduce an electronic tender 17/09/2021 1
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