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Dossier Number Publication number (BDA) Title Dispatch date Procedure type Tender submission deadline Purpose
DKBUZA-FTI-2022... 2023-501384 OPRICHTING FLANDERS TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION: Uitnodiging tot deelname 13/01/2023 Negotiated procedure 10/02/2023 RFI
DKBUZA-2023/COM... 2023-504332 Overeenkomst voor de aanstelling van een communicatiebur... 02/02/2023 Competitive procedure with negotiation 13/02/2023 CN
DKBUZA-2023-DKB... 2023-506336 Relatiegeschenk... 16/02/2023 Simplified negotiated procedure with publicity 17/03/2023 CN
3 items found, displaying all items.1